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    Journey to Operational Intelligence

    Transforming industrial operations

    OSIsoft believes that people with data will transform their world. Companies are spending billions of dollars on physical infrastructure and people, delivering products and services to market fast and efficiently. But how can they access, manage, optimize and contextualize the higher and higher volumes of accompanying data?

    The answer? It's a data infrastructure that connects data from the physical infrastructure to the people that drive operations. OSIsoft can take you from reactive operations to data-driven operational intelligence with the PI System™ - delivering the right data to the right people in the organization at the right time.

  • Vito Persona Columbia Pipeline
    > $2.8M
    savings from asset reliability
    (Columbia Pipeline)
    Vito Persona Marathon Oil
    per year, per employee savings
    (Marathon Oil)
    Vito Persona Petronas
    Reduced number of plant shut downs by 5
    Vito Persona Talisman
    7K barrels of oil/day, 10 lost days of production loss avoided
    (Talisman Sinopec Energy UK Limited)
    Vito Persona Dong Energy
    20M Euro
    per year in production cost savings
    (Dong Energy)
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    A Data Infrastructure Approach to Enable Operational Intelligence

    Data is the foundation of Operational Intelligence because it provides people, with information that delivers actionable insights into the physical infrastructure, assets and processes. To access insights for just one asset or system, you need a point-solution to collect the data. To access insights across your enterprise you need a data infrastructure, allowing you to centralize data silos, provide one version of the truth, and enable data governance, data context and accessibility to operational data from all of your assets across the enterprise.

    The result is people throughout the organization are empowered by data to make decisions in real-time, generate insights into the future, manage daily targets and generate confident recommendations for operational efficiency.

    Beyond Operational To Enterprise Intelligence

    While operations are typically focused on production KPIs, the business is typically focused on revenue and profitability. To enable the enterprise to clearly understand and make impactful decisions regarding operational costs, value and return, enterprise operations data needs to be combined with business data.

    By adopting a data infrastructure for managing operational intelligence and integrating it with business information, both operations and business people will be in a position to transform their world with data.